Sweat stopping treatments anti-sweating treatment is one of the best methods for treating excessive underarm sweating, a condition known as axillary hyperhidrosis. Unlike miraDry, sweat stopping treatments needs to be repeated every 3-6 months for life. There are advantages and disadvantages for each type of treatment. Sweat stopping treatments anti sweat treatment is under the Medicare and PBS, whilst miraDry is not. The question also arises is you would like a permanent solution for underarm sweating, or a temporary one.

Facts on sweat stopping treatments for excessive underarm sweating

  • This is the temporary treatment of choice for axillary hyperhidrosis that fail to respond to antiperspirants
  • Under Australia rules, patients must trial Driclor before sweat stopping treatments is subsidized by Specialist use only
  • Sweat stopping treatments are a well tolerated, but temporary solution to your underarm sweating
  • Each procedure takes less than 3 minutes to perform and last between 2-6 months
  • Up to 3 procedures are subsidized per year by Medicare and PBS
  • Subsidy is granted only if this procedure is performed by an approved specialist
  • Choosing between sweat stopping treatments and miraDry can be difficult, but we can outline the pros and cons of each treatment

How does sweat stopping treatments Type A help my excessive underarm sweating?

how botox stops sweating

This treatment uses a molecule which is called a ‘neurotoxin’. This toxin temporary binds to the receptors in your sweat glands that produce sweat. On average, the receptor blockage last between 2- 6 months, providing temporary and reversible sweat reduction.

What does the sweat stopping treatments injection procedure involve?


This procedure is very straight forward - we mark out the areas of maximal sweating and take note of your sweat patterns. We photograph and document before any procedure. Each armpit will have a different pattern, much like a fingerprint.

After documentation and photography, we inject ten to fifteen ‘points’, each spaced a centimeter or two apart. Within one to three minutes the procedure is over. No sedation is needed to perform anti-sweat injections- it’s that easy.

How long does sweat stopping treatments last, and how good is the procedure in reducing my excessive sweating?

Remember, unlike miraDry, sweat stopping treatments is a temporary treatment. Never the less, it is extremely effective in reducing excessive underarm sweating.

Here are the average facts on sweat stopping treatments for axillary hyperhidrosis

  • The average patient takes 3-6 days before noticing sweat reduction
  • This treatment is rated as good to excellent in 85-95% of patients who suffer from sweaty armpits
  • Sweat reduction can last between 3-7 months
  • 3 treatments for underarm sweating are subsidized per year by Medicare

*Medicare rebate applies for the treatment of severe underarm sweating not responding to Driclor application. This treatment will need to be performed by a Specialist Consultant trained and approved for this procedure. A rebate can not be claimed for non-specialist use. Medicare approves up to 3  injections per year.

How safe are sweat stopping treatments injections for underarm sweat treatments?

This procedure is very safe, and has been used to treat underarm sweating for nearly 15 years. Medicare approved the funding of this procedure since June 2012*.

Pregnant women are excluded from sweat stopping treatments injections, as are patients who are breastfeeding or have a sensitivity of this product.

miraDry has been on the market for 4 years, and unlike sweat stopping treatments does not block sweat glands, but permanently reduces the number of sweat glands. The end result is similar, but the pathway chosen is different.

*Under accredited sweat stopping treatmentsSpecialist Dermatologist treatment.

Are underarm sweat injections painful?

Ok, here’s the truth - 90% of patients rate this treatment as ‘uncomfortable but tolerable.’ The other 10% of sweaty underarm patients rate this is very uncomfortable. In this group the use of EMLA cream can markedly decrease discomfort rate.

Injections usually take 90 seconds to 2 minutes to perform and each needle feels like an ant bite. Most patients will have between 10-20 injections, depending on the size of the sweat areas.

If you have a phobia to needles, or may need some numbing cream, place some EMLA (over the counter at many pharmacies) at least one hour prior to underarm injections. Cover with Glad Wrap and tape.

What should I try before considering sweat stopping treatments for sweaty armpits?


This treatment is not indicated for all cases of axillary hyperhidrosis. In fact mild cases respond nicely to treatments with Driclor (or Rexona, No More Sweat, Dove Clinical).

Before considering BTX as treatment, try Driclor is the first step. 10-20% of patients with excessive armpit sweating will respond to this over the counter antiperspirant. Additionally it is Medicare law that patients undertake Driclor treatment prior to consideration of sweat stopping treatments.

If you fail Driclor, then certainly sweat stopping treatments can be a treatment for you.

Driclor Application - the correct method:

  1. Apply to the underarm areas of sweat.
  2. Aim for application after a shower, best at night, and always on skin that is not wet. We recommend using a hair dryer on the cool setting- make sure as much moisture is gone before application.
  3. Aim for 2-3 nights a week, and if tolerated INCREASE the application frequency. Rinse off the residue in the morning.
  4. If irritation develops (red, itchy, sensitive skin), you can reduce the amount of Driclor you use, or decreasing the frequency of use.
  5. If you still experience skin irritation despite following all the above instructions, you can apply some Eumavte Cream (get the strongest percentage from your local pharmacist).
  6. If Driclor fails (which is seen in most cases of severe underarm sweating), you are entitled to sweat stopping treatments or miraDry.

Do I have to try sweat stopping treatments injections before going on to miraDry treatments?

miradry sydney

No. You can undertake miraDry for sweaty underarms, even though you have NOT had sweat stopping treatments injections. miraDry treatment is NOT under the Medicare-PBS scheme and hence no subsidy is given.

The choice is yours - sweat stopping treatments is subsidised, and last up to 6 months.

miraDry is not subsidised, and lasts forever. The downside? Cost is $3,695.

Can anti-sweat injections be used in other areas apart from the underarms?

sweat treatment forehead

Yes! BTX injections can be used to treat many sweaty areas safely and effectively including -

  • Scalp and facial sweating
  • Wet and sweaty hands and feet.

NOTE for excessive sweating of the hands and feet, the best method of treatment is with glycopyrrolate Iontophoresis. BTX in the hands and feet last between 2-4 months before sweat returns. Additionally Medicare does not rebate this treatment.

More information on iontophoresis for hands and feet

What are the other effective options have I got for treating severe underarm sweating?

For severe armpit sweating there are really only 2 other options apart from BTX injections- miraDry or ETS surgery. Each type of anti sweat treatment will have its advantages and disadvantages.

Treatment type sweat stopping treatments miraDry ETS Surgery
Sweat reduction 2-6 months Permanent Permanent
Safety record Very safe Very safe Safe, associated surgery side effects
Complications Extremely rare Extremely rare Extremely common

**ETS surgery can be associated with a condition known as compensatory sweating, or compensatory – rebound hyperhidrosis, a permanent and non-reversible condition. It may affect up to 50% of patients who undertake this form of surgery for sweaty armpits. The rate of rebound sweating is less, if this procedure is utilized for sweaty hands.

What should I consider before considering sweat stopping treatments or miraDry for underarm sweating?

excessive sweat treatments

BTX injections or miraDry for excessive underarm sweating is not the first line treatment- mild sweaty armpits usually respond to No More Sweat , Driclor, or Rexona Sport.

First of all, have you tried DRICLOR antiperspirant? This can be purchased from most chemists. Make sure you apply this antiperspirant correctly.

Second of all, does sweating really affect your life?

  1. Are you self-conscious when you raise your hands?
  2. Does excessive sweating limit what you wear?

If the answer is yes to the above, you maybe a candidate for anti-sweating injections or miraDry.

How much do injections for underarm sweating cost?


Treating sweating is now under the Medicare and PBS subsidy-this means that patients can have the benefits of being sweat free for less than a cup of coffee per day!

There are only two criteria that you need to be eligible for this rebate.

Firstly, by Medicare law, you must have trialed and or failed Driclor (99% of patients with severe underarm sweating would have trialed this). Secondly, a referral must be generated- that’s the easy bit. We can arrange one for you, just tell reception that you need a referral for underarm sweat injections.

*Patients are entitled to 3 treatments per annum. Rebate only applies to treatment of underarm sweating not responsive to Driclor (or if rash develops with Driclor use). Procedure must be carried out by Specialist approved by Medicare.

Specialist viewpoint on anti sweat injections for underarms


Dr Davin S. Lim
Consultant Laser Dermatologist
Sweat Free Clinics
Westside Laser and Cosmetic

Injections for excessive underarm sweating has made a huge difference to patients, both with confidence at work and socially. Medicare has now granted a rebate for this procedure, making this affordable for most people- realistically, its less than a cup of coffee per day to be sweat free. Sweat stopping treatments injections are temporary, whilst miraDry is permanent. The big question is ‘’am I better off going for miraDry as it will save me money in the long run?’’ That’s a very hard question to answer. Whilst sweat stopping treatments works well, its like a light switch – its on or its off, there is no dimmer. miraDry gives a more natural approach to sweat treatments- namely 80-90% REDUCTION IN  UNDERARM SWEATING. In my opinion this is a more natural approach to sweat reduction.

Also sweat stopping treatments is highly dependent on the user- some patients get sweat control for 2 months, others 12 months. The average user is 6 months. If you can get control for over 10 months, stick to sweat stopping treatments injections….however if you are only a 2-3-4 month no sweat patient, miraDry maybe the answer. The choice is so highly individualized, there is no set answer.