Mild forms of excessive underarm sweating may respond to natural treatments. The advantage of natural treatments over miradry and medical treatments such as sweat stopping treatments is the costs. Natural remedies such as St John’s Wort, and dietary changes such as a no caffeine diet are inexpensive. Patients who suffer from purely emotionally induced sweating or anxiety attacks may benefit from natural treatments such as cognitive behaviour therapy, and not miradry. Therapies such as CBT are performed by specialist psychologists.

Facts on natural methods to reduce underarm sweating

  • Diet changes such as decreasing caffeine and guarana can decrease underarm sweating
  • Patients with anxiety or emotional related sweating may benefit from cognitive behaviour therapy
  • Herbal supplements such as sage, St John’s Wort and Castoreum may help mild cases of underarm sweating
  • miradry or sweat stopping treatments can be considered for cases that do not respond to natural treatments

Are there natural methods to reduce underarm sweating?

Yes. Natural methods can reduce mild forms of excessive armpit or underarm sweating. You may want to try natural remedies prior the consideration of either sweat stopping treatments or miradary. Natural remedies are unlikely to work if you suffer from more severe forms of underarm sweating.

Natural supplements include:

  • St John’s Wort
  • Nat Mur
  • Sage tablets
  • Chamomile tea and extract
  • Castoreum
  • Argentum

Natural extracts can be obtained via most health food shops.

If you suffer anxiety related sweating, the most promising treatment is that of biofeedback and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT).

More on cognitive behaviour therapy

What diet factors can help reduce excessive underarm sweating?

anti sweating diet

The biggest dietary change is cutting down on caffeine and drinks such as Red Bull – Energy Drinks. Apart from caffeine, gurana, and geranium can also increase sweat production.

Other diet/tablet related causes of excessive underarm sweating include antidepressants, thyroid medications and pseudoephedrine. All these factors contribute to sweating, but do not cause the underlying problem of primary essential axillary hyperhidrosis.

Why should I try natural treatments over medical treatments to treat axillary sweating?

In some cases, modifying your diet can improve mild cases of sweating- examples include decreasing coffee and energy drink intake. Caffeine can worsen all forms of sweating- from mild underarm sweating to severe axillary hyperhidrosis.

Natural treatments such as diet changes, and supplements, if they work, are far cheaper than treatments such as miradry or sweat stopping treatments injections. Try cutting down on caffeine and see if your sweating improves.

How effective are natural treatments to reduce underarm sweating?

Natural treatments are most effective in mild sweating or sweating related to stress, anxiety and or emotion.

Cutting out caffeine, found in coffee and energy drinks can reduce, but not eliminate mild sweating
If you sweat only if you are stressed, or have an anxiety component, using techniques such as CBT or cognitive behaviour therapy is probably better than miradry. CBT teaches you to cope with a stressful situation rather than simply eliminating the sweat glands.

How do I implement alternative treatments effectively for my sweating?

The Sweat Free Clinic can give some helpful tips for implementing natural resources for ways to stop sweating, keep the following points in mind:

  • Try the natural remedies listed above, most ingredients can be obtained thru health food shops in Brisbane, Toowoomba, Gold Coast,  and other major Queensland cities such as Cairns, Townsville, Mackay and Ipswich.
  • Discuss with your GP or your health care professional regarding the potential interactions with these herbal no sweat supplements and any medication you maybe taking.
  • Discuss with your GP or a psychologist ways that you may de-stress. Remember that EVERYONE sweats more when stress levels are high. Managing stress via biofeedback, medication, meditation and talking to someone may decrease sweating in stressful situations.

Can de-stressing and diet help with excessive sweating?


Yes, both de-stressing and diet factors may reduce sweating. Stress causes everyone to sweat more, even ‘normal’ sweaters, and exponentially increases sweating in excessive underarm sweaters. A referral to a psychologist who specialises in CBT or cognitive behaviour therapy is recommended if you are a ‘stress sweater.’

Specialist view on Natural remedies for underarm sweating


Dr Davin S Lim
Consultant Dermatologist
Sweat Free Clinics

Natural remedies for excessive underarm sweating encouraged by both Specialists and Nurses at our clinic.

The most promising non-medical/ no-prescription method is psychological assistance, this include relaxation techniques, and biofeedback, also known as CBT or cognitive behaviour therapy. This treatment works best for patients who have a significant emotional contribution to their sweating, and can be used in conjunction with therapies such as sweat stopping treatments or even miraDry.

Natural herbal supplements, such as St John’s Wort, and Sage can work in the minority of patients- especially in those who suffer very mild sweating. Cutting down on simple things like coffee, and energy drinks can decrease sweating.