miraDry has finally arrived in Australia. This treatment can be considered the best method to permanently reduce excessive underarm sweating. Two treatments and sweating is reduced by up to 90%- permanently.

Facts on miradry for underarm sweating

  • miraDry is the best solution for excessive underarm sweating
  • Two treatments, three months apart will permanently reduce sweating by 80-90%
  • A permanent solution means that you will not need any more injections or high strength antiperspirants- forever
  • miraDry works by destroying your sweat glands with safe electromagnetic energy
  • miraDry takes a day or two to start working
  • This procedure is safe, and is being performed all over the World, in leading Specialist centers
  • Sweat Free Brisbane is Australia’s first miraDry center
  • Sweat Free provides a travel rebate for patients outside the Brisbane area to help with their travel expenses
  • miraDry takes only an hour to perform, and you can continue to do your daily activities after this procedure
  • We use local anaesthetic to ensure that the treatment is painless

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