There are many methods to sweat less, including over the counter antiperspirants, through to specialists treatments such as sweat stopping treatments injections for excessive underarm sweating. miraDry treatment adds another dimension to managing underarm sweating as this is a permanent solution for a long term problem. This page outlines steps you can take to treat all forms of excessive underarm sweating- from mild to severe.

Facts on methods to decrease underarm sweating

  • Simple methods like decreasing caffeine intake and energy drinks can reduce underarm sweating
  • Use an antiperspirant is more useful than using a deodorants
  • The best deodorants include Driclor, Rexona Sport and also Dove
  • Decreasing stress levels and anxiety can help
  • Anxiety related sweating can be treated with CBT or cognitive behaviour therapy

How do I sweat less and reduce my body odour?

diet to reduce sweating

Simple dietary methods and ways to decrease your anxiety levels can help reduce MILD sweating. Unfortunately for patients that suffer true Primary Axillary Hyperhidrosis, or moderate to severe undermarm sweating, simple measures just don’t work! Showering a few times a day can reduce the smell, however will not get rid of the bacteria completely. Using Phisohex washes can reduce the smell associated with underarm sweating.

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What over the counter products can I use to reduce underarm sweating?


  • Best antiperspirants for mild sweating: Dove Clinical, Rexona Sport, Driclor, No More Sweat
  • Best natural treatment for mild sweating: St John’s Wort, meditation, anti-anxiety relaxation techniques
  • Best dietary change for mild underarm sweating: decrease coffee intake and energy drinks

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What prescription medications can I use to reduce underarm sweating?

tablets to stop sweating

Tablets to help reduce sweating include - anticholinergics including propanthlene bromide, and oxybutynin. These can be prescribed by your Specialist for short-term relief of sweating. tablets are often associated with side effects such as excessive tiredness, and dry mouth-eyes.

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What can I wear to help with my excessive underarm sweating?

sweat less clothing

Most patients who suffer for excessive underarm hyperhidrosis limit their clothing colour to either BLACK or white. Using an undergarment such as Drifit from Adidas or Nike can carry out moisture. Unfortunately there are not many clothing choices if you sweat profusely. What we notice is that once patients are treated with sweat stopping treatments or miraDry - a whole new World of wardrobe choices opens up.

What simple changes in my diet and lifestyle can I take to reduce sweat production?

Mild forms of sweating can respond to dietary changes including reduction in caffeine intake and energy drinks. Patients who suffer from severe sweating may not notice a significant change in sweat patterns with dietary changes. Decreasing stress levels can also help reduce sweating.

How do specialists treat underarm sweating?

miraDry botox

Specialists are the first line of treatment for the treatment of severe sweating that does not respond to Driclor (available at most pharmacies). We are now left with either sweat stopping treatments injections or miraDry.

Sweat stopping treatments works well in over 95% of patients, but miraDry is a permanent solution - 2 treatments reduces sweating by 80-90%, for life!

Sweat Treatment sweat stopping treatments injections miraDry
Sweat Reduction 2-6 months only, needs to be repeated for life Permanent once treatment completed
Safety record Very safe Very safe
Complications Extremely rare Very rare, safe, well tolerated.

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Specialist opinion on treating primary axillary hyperhidrosis


Dr Davin S. Lim
Laser Dermatologist
Hyperhidrosis director, Sweat Free

Excessive underarm sweating affects between 3-5% of the population, however milder forms of sweating affects up to 10-15% of Australians. The majority of sweating can be controlled with simple antiperspirants.

As a Specialist I only deal with patients that do not respond to over the counter products. This is where I give them the choice of either sweat stopping treatments or miraDry treatments. The biggest difference in these treatments is that one is permanent, and the other is temporary. Sweat stopping treatmentsis excellent for temporary relief of sweating, and last between 3-8 months, whilst miraDry is permanent. Two miraDry treatments, and sweating decreases by up to 90%. Costing to the patient is also an issue. sweat stopping treatments is subsidised, however miraDry is $3695 per course (2 treatments).