CBT is also known as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. CBT can help treat sweating disorders including sweaty underarms. Patients who suffer anxiety related sweating or social phobias will benefit most from this treatment. Sweat Free will work in with a psychologist to treat your disorder. Patients with anxiety related sweating combining treatments such as sweat stopping treatments, and miraDry with CBT gives the best results. miraDry helps by removing the sweat glands thus breaking the anxiety cycle.

Facts on CBT for the treating excessive underarm sweating

  • CBT or cognitive behaviour therapy can be helpful in the treatment of all forms of sweating, including excessive underarm sweating.
  • CBT is performed by a Specialist Psychologist trained in this method
  • CBT can empower you to help yourself manage your anxiety related sweating
  • We often combine miraDry with CBT if you have a significant anxiety component to your sweating
  • miraDry can break the cycle of sweat-anxiety-sweat
  • CBT treatment is a short term course or therapy- most patients lean to deal with their anxiety within 10 sessions
  • CBT can be performed under Medicare if you have a referral from a doctor for a mental health care plan

What is CBT or Cognitive Behaviour Therapy?

CBT or cognitive behaviour therapy uses special methods to teach you to cope with anxiety and sweating. It can challenge the way you think, feel and belief about sweating, especially in social situations.

Your psychologist will gradually ‘desensitise’ your fears. CBT can be used for most forms of hyperhidrosis brought on by anxiety. Some cases of excessive sweating are caused by multiple factors, including genetics, and anxiety.

sweat and anxiety

Can CBT help my excessive underarm sweating?

If you have an anxiety component, CBT can be combined with treatments such as sweat stopping treatments, or miradry. Remember, there are different types of hyperhidrosis- primary axillary hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating of the underarms with no actual cause. This maybe modified by anxiety, and if you fall in this group, Specialists will often try sweat stopping treatments or miradry, and then add CBT if you still ‘feel’ like you are sweating. Sounds complicated? We can explain this to you during the consultation or during the procedure.

Who performs CBT for sweating and anxiety?

A qualified psychologist performs CBT. Sweat Free has a team of specialists, including dermatologists, vascular surgeons, neurologists, and psychogists.

Catherine Madigan (B.A. Hons., M.A. Clinical Psychology) is a psychologist based in Melbourne who specializes in the treatment of anxiety and sweating). She is an expert in CBT.

  • Phone (03) 9819 3671 or email catherine [at] socialanxietyassist.com.au

Dr Tammy White (BJ BA Psych Hon. MAPS is a senior clinical psychologist based in Brisbane. She is an expert in CBT and treats numerous anxiety related sweating disorders. She works closely with Dr Davin Lim, Dermatologist.

  • PsyCare Mt Gravatt, Phone: (07) 3137 2011

How can I get in touch with a CBT specialist?

Queensland patients can get in touch with Tammy White, CBT expert. Her contact details are:

  • PsyCare Mt Gravatt office on 3137 2011

Victorian patients can contact Catherine Madigan

How much does CBT cost, and is it under Medicare?

You can also discuss with your doctor whether you are eligible for a mental health treatment plan and if that is the case you can get a Medicare rebate for up to 10 sessions of individual therapy per year. You can also ask your doctor to refer you to a psychologist experienced in the treatment for excessive sweating.

Can miradry and CBT work together?

miraDry botox

Yes! Specialists (Dr Davin Lim in particular) will often work in with a psychologist to treat anxiety related sweating. Most patients with anxiety related underarm sweating will notice a marked reduction in the actual sweat production. This is because miraDry permanently eliminates the majority of sweat glands.

If you still feel like you are sweating after miraDry, especially in social anxiety and stressful situations, CBT can help you.

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