The majority of cases of excessive underarm sweating, also known as axillary hyperhidrosis is also referred to as primary axillary hyperhidrosis. Genetic factors, together with emotional stress, drugs and caffeine all play a role in sweating. Some patients may have a relative with excessive sweating, or may also suffer from sweaty hands and feet. No matter how severe you sweat, Specialist Dermatologists will have a solution for you.

Facts on underarm sweating and its causes

  • Excessive sweating affects upto 3-4 % of Australians
  • Seek help if sweating affects your schooling, work or confidence levels
  • The vast majority of underarm sweating is idiopathic- namely no known cause, but a genetic factor maybe involved
  • Some cases can be related to diabetes, obesity, drugs, thyroid disease, and emotional stressors
  • No matter what the cause, you condition can be effectively treated by a Specialist
  • Underarm sweating is more expensive than you think- reflect on all the clothes you went thru, as well as the dry cleaning bill. Regardless of the emotional impact of this condition, you spend a small fortune on your clothes as well as restricting the colour you wear. Most patients tend to wear black or white to hide excessive sweat

Why do I suffer from underarm sweating when no one in my family sweats?

Even though primary axillary hyperhidrosis is considered to be genetically programmed, no one else in your family may have this condition. In other cases there maybe a family history. The true cause of primary axillary sweating is more complicated than just genetics- stress, emotion and sometimes foods/drugs come into play.

Will my children suffer from excessive underarm sweating?

Underarm sweating can be genetic in origin. You may have a family member who has excessive armpit sweating, or even sweaty hands and or feet. You have a 25% chance of passing this trait to your children

Can lifestyle changes decrease underarm sweating?

Yes, stressing less, and consuming less caffeine may decrease your sweating. If you suffer severe primary hyperhidrosis, these changes will have very little impact on underarm sweat production.

How do I know if underarm sweating is affecting me?

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3 questions you need to ask your self, and if you answer ‘yes’ to any one, underarm sweating is of concern to you.

  1. Do I think about covering up my underarm sweating several times a day?
  2. Does underarm sweating limit my clothing and what I wear?
  3. Am I self conscious in public about my underarm sweat?

What treatments are available for excessive underarm sweating?

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Mild sweating - consider antiperspirants such as Driclor, Rexona, Dove or No More Sweat

Moderate to severe sweating - sweat stopping treatments for a temporary solution that last upto 6-8 months or miraDry- a permanent solution.

What treatments work best for severe underarm sweating?

If you are reading this question, chances are you suffer from really bad underarm sweating, and that antiperspirants probably didn't work for you.

Fortunately there are two standout treatment that work very well for even the most severe sweaters.

Sweat stopping treatments injections

Pros: takes less than a week to work, cost subsidised under Medicare at $440 per treatment, last up to 6 months. Side effect free. Takes 90 seconds to perform.

Cons: only last 6 months (temporary), repeated injections needed

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miraDry treatment

Pros: takes less than a week to work, permanent solution for excessive under arm sweating. Proven safety and efficacy record.

Cons: cost. Not subsidised by Medicare. Bruising may last up to 72 hours.

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Why is it important to consult a specialist for the treatment of severe sweating?


Specialists are trained in managing all forms of sweating- in all areas from feet, hands, and of course underarms. Additionally we have access to all forms of treatment including the very latest miraDry. Medicare rebates for sweat stopping treatments for underarm sweating are also granted to specialists accredited and trained in this field.

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