Sweaty feet or plantar hyperhidrosis is a common condition affecting 3% of Australians. miraDry can not treat sweaty feet due to the fact that tendons and nerves maybe damaged by the pulsed electromagnetic energy of miraDry. Treatment for excessive feet sweating can be successful with iontophoresis glycopyrrolate treatments.

Facts on Plantar Hyperhidrosis

  • Sweat and wet soles usually affects both feet and starts in childhood
  • Excessive sweating can affect armpits, hands and feet
  • Each area responds to different treatments
  • miraDry or sweat stopping treatments is suitable for the armpits, but not recommended for the sweaty hands or feet
  • Treating  and preventing secondary infection of the feet is very important if you sweat excessively

How do I know if I have excessive feet sweating?

  • Do you have foot problems including odour from sweating?
  • Do you leave damp footprints on a floor?
  • Does your sweating limit what your wear on your feet?

If you answer is yes to the above, you do have a problem with sweaty feet.

Why do I have sweaty feet?

Most cases of excessive sweating are idiopathic and primary- the cause is unknown, but maybe genetic. Many patients with sweaty feet will also have sweat underarms and also sweaty hands.

Can miraDry be use to treat sweaty feet?

No. miraDry is only indicated for treatment of sweaty armpits – it is unsafe to use it on sweaty hands and feet due to the intricate network of nerves and tendons in these areas.

Does sweat stopping treatments work for sweaty feet?

Yes and no. Sweat stopping treatments is best used for excessive sweating of the axillary or armpit area.  This is subsidised by Medicare. Sweaty feet can also respond to sweat stopping treatments however is NOT recommended because of the costs ($2300) and it may only last 2-3 months.

What treatments are available for sweaty feet?

sweaty feet iontophoresis

Step 1

Basic principles apply for treating sweaty feet: cotton socks,  double pairs, changed 2-3 times a day. Absorbable inner soles (www.summersoles.com)


Antiperspirants - Driclor, Rexona Sport, Dove Clinical

Step 3

Creams - special compounded creams with Glycopyrrolate

Step 4

Glycopyrrolate iontophoresis- using a special machine

Step 5

Sweat stopping treatments for sweaty feet - can work, but expensive and last only 2-3 months.

NOTE: miraDry can NOT be used to treat sweaty feet. miraDry is only for the treatment of underarm sweating.

How do we approach managing plantar hyperhidrosis / wet feet?

Next to compensatory hyperhidrosis, plantar hyperhidrosis or sweaty feet is one of the more difficult areas to treat. Simple measures such as changing socks frequently, together with managing any secondary infection as well as the use of innersoles is super important. Most patients who see us would have already tried, and failed Driclor and other antiperspirants.

The use of glycopyrrolate iontophoresis is the next step- it can be highly effective in some patients. Sweat stopping treatments is not advisable as the cost-benefit ratio is not there.

miraDry is an excellent treatment for patients with underarm sweating- axillary hyperhidrosis, but can not be used to treat sweaty hands/ feet. There are too many nerves and tendons in these areas, and electromagnetic waves in these areas are not recommended.

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