The long, long wait for the revolutionary treatment is here, and Sweat Free is offering Sydney patients and interstate patients a treatment subsidy for miraDry. This treatment had been approved by the TGA after years of campaigning, but it is finally here. Are you sick and tired of sweat reduction injections in the underarms? Are you paranoid as to when and where your sweat will return? Are you after a permanent solution for underarm sweating? If so, miraDry maybe suitable for you.

What is miraDry?

Dr Davin Lim explains: Axillary HH or excessive armpit sweating is very common, and not talked about in the medical community. In fact up to 5 % of the population will suffer from this condition. In some cases, it can be so severe that it affects their confidence, social, and working life. For patients who suffer from this condition, a long-term solution is the answer they are looking for.

Treatments include antiperspirants for mild cases of excessive underarm sweating, and Botulinum toxin Type A injections for more severe unresponsive cases. Dr Lim states that "the use of anti-sweating injections are extremely effective in the majority of cases, however many patients want a permanent solution for excessive underarm sweating. The problem with sweat reduction injections injections is that is like a tap- on or off, whilst miraDry is a natural solution to underarm sweating- it simply makes the patient more comfortable with their sweat pattern- for life. Sweat reduction injections requires frequent injections – some patients need injections every 3 months, some every 8-10 months. Everyone is different.

miraDry is a totally different treatment - here are the hard facts:

  • This is a permanent treatment
  • 2 sessions 3 months apart reduces sweating in the underarms by up to 80%- forever
  • Downtime is minimal, and the treatment is safe.
  • It works by electromagnetic energy that targets the sweat glands, destroying them for good.
  • Sweat Free has many associates that perform temporary sweat reduction treatments, however if you want a more permanent solution, miraDry is the answer
  • Sweat Free in Brisbane and Melbourne is offering a travel subsidy for patients in

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