Sweat Free Brisbane treated our first Sydney patient in late July. A pre consultation with one of our miraDry nurses was performed before the miraDry procedure.

Jackson H, from Lane Cove, Sydney, suffered excessive underarm sweating for 15 years, since age 12. ‘’The use of Botox helped me for 3, maybe 4 months maximum, and really made a big difference in my confidence. The Medicare subsidy really helped, however I was after a permanent solution. The fear of sweating coming back really plays on your mind. I decided to give miraDry a go. I wanted to be treated by the most experienced miraDry team , a $99 flight up to Brisbane, and a 50 minute procedure, I was back home in the arvo. Prior to my visit in Brisbane, I had a Skype call by one of the miraDry nurses. I had a thorough medical history and was told what to expect – really good idea, saves that Sydney - Brissy trip twice. ‘’  (Comment: Actually Jackson does need to make that Sydney-Brisbane trip again for his second lot of miraDry treatment in October.)

Dr Davin Lim explains that with Skype interstate patients like Jackson from Sydney, will not need to unnecessary trips for both consultation and treatment. The initial consultation is conduced by our Specialist Nurses, and treatment can be planned after this. Typically patients catch the 08:00 flight out of Sydney Airport, and will land in Brisbane, by 09:30. They will start treatment by 10:30, and will be finished by midday. Patients are back home in Sydney by 3pm, just in time to just miss the evening traffic jam. Video conferencing has made it very simple to treat patients from all around Australia, especially for a condition like axillary hyperhidrosis. In fact we developed an online Skype course for other sweating disorders, such as sweaty hands (palmar hyperhidrosis) and have patients from the US dialling in