FDA approves sweat stopping treatments for treatment of underarm sweating in 2004 - Australia follows with PBS listing in 2012

Dr Davin Lim
Laser Dermatologist

"These long-term data demonstrate that sweat stopping treatments for severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis over a two-year period is a safe and effective therapeutic option for patients who otherwise struggle with substantial impairment," says researcher Dee Anna Glaser, MD, professor of dermatology and vice chairman of dermatology at Saint Louis University School of Medicine, in a news release nearly a decade ago.

In July 2004  the FDA in the US approved sweat stopping treatments for the treatment of severe underarm sweating that can not be controlled by antiperspirants. Recently this treatment has been approved in Australia, and it is now covered under the PBS scheme. Patients are entitled to 3 treatments, partially covered and subsidized by the PBS and Medicare.

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