Sweat stopping treatments injections for excessive underarm sweating or miraDry treatment for permanent sweat reduction. Which is the better treatment? The answer is not so easy as many factors come into play including your personal factors, sweat patterns, previous treatments and finances. This will help you decide what treatment is best for your underarm sweating.

Facts on sweat stopping treatments vs miraDry for excessive underarm sweating

  • Sweat stopping treatments are subsidised under Medicare for the treatment of excessive underarm sweating under accredited Specialists
  • Sweat stopping treatments injections last between 2-8 months
  • 3 treatments are subsidised in a year by Medicare
  • Treatments are well tolerated, and takes less than 2-3 minutes to perform
  • miraDry is a permanent solution for sweat sufferers, and can only be used to treat excessive underarm sweating
  • 2 treatments, spaced 3 months apart will give at least 80% -90% sweat reduction- permanently
  • miraDry treatments start from $4,000 (treatment course)
  • The choice of what treatment is better will depend on whether you require a permanent or temporary solution for your underarm sweating

How are sweat stopping treatments and miraDry different?

These two treatments are both aimed at reducing underarm sweating, however they achieve it in very different ways. Both treatments are very effective and have a similar 90% clinical efficacy and patient satisfaction rating.

Sweat stopping treatments temporarily block the transmission signals to sweat. This last between 2-8 months- the average user about 6 months.  You will need to have this procedure repeated for life. Sweat stopping treatments for severe axillary hyperhidrosis is partially subsidised by Medicare.

miraDry is a permanent solution for underarm sweating and works by controlled reduction of your eccrine, or sweat glands. This treatment consists of 2 sessions, and provides an 80-90% sweat reduction- for life. This treatment is not subsidised by Medicare. The reason it is not subsidised by Medicare is political as funding is limited and not because the treatment does not work. It took over 10 years before sweat stopping treatments was partially funded by Medicare.

miraDry video

sweat stopping treatments video

How safe is each treatment for my underarm sweating?

Both miraDry and sweat stopping treatments have a long, well documented safety record. Both treatments are cleared by the FDA and TGA for the treatment of excessive underarm sweating. Sweat stopping treatments temporarily block sweat glands, whilst miraDry uses electromagnetic energy to permanently eliminate sweat glands.

Can these treatments be used to treat excessive sweating elsewhere?

miraDry can only be used to treat excessive sweating from the underarms. It cannot be used for sweaty hands/ feet. Sweat stopping treatments can be used in these areas, however it its not covered under Medicare. Costing for treating wet hands with injections is in the order of $2300. We advise glycopyrrolate iontophoresis as an alternative.

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Which one shall I choose, sweat stopping treatments or miraDry?

miradry vs botox

The choice of the best underarm anti-sweat treatment will depend on many factors including your need for either a permanent or temporary solution, and of over all costs for the procedure.

If you are after a temporary solution, then sweat stopping treatments anti-sweat injections is the answer, however if you want a permanent solution, then miraDry is the solution. Refer to the table below for a guide.

Treatment sweat stopping treatments miraDry Antiperspirants
How it works sweat stopping treatments that binds to sweat gland receptors Controlled destruction of sweat glands Blocks sweat glands with metal
How often its needed 3-6-8 month intervals Permanent - no more sweating once  treated Daily use needed for results
Effective rating 90% effective 90% effective Poor in cases of excessive sweat


Specialist viewpoint on treating underarm sweating.


Dr Davin S. Lim
Specialist Dermatologist
Sweat Free Clinics

I have treated hyperhidrosis for over a decade, and have seen the evolution of changes during this time. Sweat stopping treatments was allocated as part of the British NHS scheme to treat sweat suffers - that was in 2002. Australia adopted approval for Medicare rebates a decade later in 2012. Without doubt, injections for excessive sweating is an excellent and life changing treatment for severe cases of axillary hyperhidrosis. The disadvantage of this treatment is that it is like a light switch- you wake up one day, and sweating stops. What we aim for is sweat reduction, not sweat elimination. Stopping sweating all together may feel ‘unnatural’ for some patients. The other disadvantage is that treatment with Sweat stopping treatments is that it may last between 2 months to 8 months.

All things being equal, miraDry is a superior treatment to sweat reducing injections (as the treatment is permanent), but in real life, the answer is not so easy. Firstly the cost of miraDry is the prohibiting factor- $4,000, vs $750 per treatment of sweat stopping treatments. If you receive 8-12 months sweat free out of one sweat stopping treatments procedure, it will take 6-7 years to get the money back you spent on the miraDry treatment. In this instance, it maybe more sensible to remain with sweat stopping treatments injections. In patients whereby sweat stopping treatments only lasts 2-3 months, miraDry is the answer.