miraDry’s centres of excellence are at the Sweat Free Clinic in Brisbane and Laser Dermatology in Melbourne. These clinics are Australia’s dedicated centres for the treatment of sweat disorders, including axillary hyperhidrosis. To date, we are the first centres to offer miraDry in Australia and will provide a travel subsidy for Interstate patients to enable them to benefit from this life changing procedure.

If you live within 500 - 1000km of Brisbane / Melbourne- you will receive a $250 travel subsidy. (example includes Sydney patients)

If you live 1000 km or more from Brisbane - you will receive a $310 travel subsidy. (example includes Adelaide)

Conditions apply:

  • Subsidy paid as refund to your nominated bank account after completion of second miraDry treatment.
  • Travel subsidy is to help you with flights down for the miraDry treatment day
  • We suggest you take an early am flight and an late afternoon flight
  • Travel subsidy applies for the whole treatment, not an individual treatment. Example, if you reside in Sydney, $210 is credited back to your account after completion of second treatment
  • If you are to book in for assessment, discussion, and miraDry treatment on the same day a 10% deposit ($299) must be paid prior to the booking slot. This is because we book all necessary nursing, and specialist staff as well as the miraDry treatment room for several hours.
  • Drivers licence as proof of address needed for miraDry Subsidy