miraDry is a permanent solution that eliminates sweat glands thru controlled microwave energy  delivered precisely at the level of  your eccrine (sweat glands) in your underarms.  A special cooling system protects your overlying skin, whilst local anaesthetic makes this procedure pain free. Controlled elimination of your sweat glands is over in an hour, and the procedure is repeated 3 months later. Once your treatments are completed, your sweating stops- forever.

Facts on how miraDry works for underarm sweating

  • miraDry uses microwave electromagnetic energy to target your sweat glands
  • miraDry does NOT use any harmful toxins, nor does it use radiation to treat your underarms
  • Dynamic cooling of your epidermis, or upper layers of your skin keeps this layer protected, whilst underlying sweat glands are eliminated
  • Each treatment takes less than 60 minutes to perform
  • Two treatments are advised, spaced 3 months apart
  • Once treatment is completed, you will notice an average sweat reduction of 80-90%- PERMANENTLY
  • Treatments are safe, effective, free and above all, permanent

"Sweat Free is Australia’s first and leading miraDry center. This method of treating axillary sweating heralds a revolution in the treatment – miraDry treatment results in a permanent solution."

- Dr Davin S. Lim, Laser Dermatologist

How does miraDry eliminate my sweat glands?

Step 1

miradry australia works

miraDry’s unique microwave energy is focused in the region of the sweat glands

Step 2

miradry australia works

Differences in the fat and dermis causes a local area of energy, in turn causing reflection of energy, resulting in controlled heating

Step 3

miradry australia works

Upper layer of skin is cooled, whilst sweat glands are eliminated via continued heating. Sweat glands do not grow back after they are destroyed, resulting in permanent sweat reduction.

How is miraDry different from anti-sweating injections?

miraDry is a permanent solution for sweating, and once treatments are complete, you will have sweat reduction of 80-90% - for life. Anti-sweating treatments utilise a toxin that temporarily blocks sweating for several months. These injections will need to be repeated for life.

Will my sweat glands grow back after miraDry?

excessive sweating miradry solution

No, once treated, your eccrine or sweat glands do not regenerate. This is why miraDry can be considered as a permanent treatment.

Hang on…don't I need underarm sweat glands?

miradry treatments-sydney

Did you know your body contains over 3.8 million sweat glands? Your axillae, or armpits only contain 1.5% of these. Eliminating this 1.5% of sweat glands will not cause your body to overheat or over compensate by sweating elsewhere.

Does miraDry cause increased sweating in other areas?

treating facial sweat

No. miraDry does not cause other areas to sweat more, so there is no chance of ‘compensatory sweating’.

Can miraDry be used to treat excessive sweating elsewhere?

miradry and sweaty hands

No. miraDry is only indicated for excessive axillary hyperhidrosis, or sweating in the underarms. It cannot be used to treat sweaty hands, feet or other areas.

Other treatments can be used to treat sweating in these areas.

For more information on treating sweat in these areas click here