Sweat stopping treatments can be an excellent temporary treatment for excessive underarm sweating. This treatment has a long safety record dating back to 2001. FDA clearance was obtained in 2007, and adopted in Australia in 2012 by accredited specialist dermatologists.

The essential facts on sweat stopping treatments for underarm sweating are:

  • This procedure takes 90 seconds to perform
  • Sweating starts to decrease within 7 days
  • Sweat reduction last between 2-8 months (Average 5-6 mths)
  • This is a temporary solution to excessive underarm sweating
  • This procedure partially covered under Medicare and the PBS with some out of pocket cost.
  • 3 subsided treatments are allowed by year
  • This treatment is effective in up to 95% of patients
  • Bottom line- miraDry treatment, has more initial cost than sweat stopping treatments injections, but the solution is PERMANENT- no more injections- for life!

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