anxiety treatment for sweating

To ensure your sweating will respond well to miraDry, we undertake a full medical history, as well as examine your underarm areas. This is conducted by both a Specialist Hyperhidrosis nurse, as well as a Specialist Dermatologist.

During the consultation we will ask you questions such as:

  • The impact of underarm sweating
  • Does it limit your confidence, or the clothes you wear?
  • Does it limit your social activities?
  • What medications you maybe on?
  • Your general medical history, including any history of diabetes or thyroid disease?
  • If your sweating is worsened by emotional stimuli?
  • What treatments you may have had for underarm sweating, including previous Botox injections?

We will also examine your underarms, taking note of any secondary skin changes, including the area of sweating and the extent of your underarm eccrine sweat volume. Our Specialist team will also discuss options for treating other areas of sweating, such sweaty hands, feet, and facial sweating.

We also discuss the costs of each type of treatment, (Botox is subsidised by Medicare, but last 6 months), whilst miraDry treatment is $3695. miraDry is NOT covered by Medicare, however this treatment gives a permanent reduction in underarm sweating by up to 90%.