excessive sweating miradry solution

This treatment is a very safe, but clinically proven method of permanently reducing your sweating for life! No repeated injections, no toxins that remain in your body for months, no antiperspirants that cause itching, burning or rashes- just two procedures 3 months apart.

miraDry works by using special electromagnetic energy to permanently eliminate eccrine or sweat glands in the underarm area. Each treatment takes 60 minutes to perform and is conducted in our treatment rooms at Westside Laser Dermatology.

Electromagnetic pulses precisely targets, and destroys the sweat glands thru a computer-controlled system, achieving exact energy levels to get the job done! These pulses of energy are delivered in the junction of your lower skin level and the fat layers- where sweat glands that give you sweaty armpits reside. Heating of the sweat glands destroys them permanently, resulting in sweat reduction ranging from 80-90%.

The upper layers of the skin are cooled to ensure protection and comfort levels throughout the miraDry procedure.

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