excessive sweat treatments

Dr Davin Lim explains this complex choice - Its all down to cost, and if you want a temporary treatment or a permanent one.

Here’s the low down….if you have BOTOX under Medicare and PBS and it lasts 12 months and cost approx $750 and will essentially you will get 8 years of subsidised treatments – providing the cost of BOTOX does not rise.

If you are the patient who only gets 2-4 months relief, miraDry makes more sense. What you pay in Botox for 2-3 years gives you a life time experience of miraDry.

At the end of the day it comes down to how you want your sweating treated, some patients prefer the ‘on –off’ effect of Botox, others want a decrease in sweating for life, with out ever worrying when their underarm sweating will come back.

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